Help and Guidance

The tool guides you to select your application step by step and to obtain the safe use recommendations of your application.
You only need to answer 5 questions:

  1. Which substance (or product containing the substance) do I use?
  2. At which work area do I use the substance: in industry under industrial circumstances (= industrial), as an occupational craftsman (= professional) or as a do it yourself / private user (= consumer)?
  3. What is the actual application of the substance or product type? E.g., (re)filling, extraction, metal cleaning, recycling, paints, adhesives & sealants, foams.
  4. Do I use the substance (or product containing the substance) indoor or outdoor?
  5. Which detailed activity do I carry out using the substance (or product containing the substance)? E.g., rolling, brushing, pouring, spraying, mixing, lab use?

Please review your use carefully and compare with the described Risk Management Measures (RMMís). Adapt your RMMís appropriately to ensure safe use of the product.

If you cannot select your use by this toolbox (try several ways which may fit best to your use), this use is probably not covered by the REACH assessments done by the ECSA member companies. In this case, you may want to ask the supplier of your solvent/product to cover your use in his REACH dossier as long as this use is not prohibited by any law in your EU member state. Another option would be to develop your own safety assessment for this use. For the latter case, we encourage to ask REACH experts or occupational hygiene experts for support.

Get started - Choose a substance and area of use:

(Methylene Chloride)