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The ECSA Sustainability Programme allows ECSA to review consistently and in depth the sustainability of chlorinated solvents, and to set itself challenging though achievable long-term objectives ensuring the sustainable use and end-of-life management of chlorinated solvents.

















The 3 Vision Elements identify the three key areas in which the chlorinated solvents industry is taking concrete steps to ensure sustainability. They set out the long-term objectives required to achieve the Vision, embedded in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that will help ECSA to determine where it stands relative to these objectives.

The resulting nine concrete objectivesassigned to the 3 Vision Elements are not only a matter for ECSA members; they require direct and concrete engagement with third parties such as value chain actors and other external stakeholders. During the course of implementing measures under the ECSA Sustainability Programme, the REACH legislation was introduced in Europe and ECSA integrated REACH aspects into the existing Sustainability Programme.

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