Product & Application Toolbox

A broad stakeholder consultation revealed that emissions of chlorinated solvents are the cause of most of the pressure being brought to bear against chlorinated solvents products. By reducing emissions better efficiency of use, more value from each molecule of solvent and reduced exposure can be achieved.

This Vision Element covers:

ECSA will analyze all emissive applications, prioritize them, and define sustainability improvement actions.



ECSA has developed an online toolbox freely accessible via the ECSA website to provide users of chlorinated solvents with information about the safe & sustainable use of the products. It is built as a self-explanatory guide based on a simple decision tree of product applications to lead the user readily to the proper information on safe use, environmental protection as well as legislative requirements.


The recommendations take into account REACH (Regulation EC 1907/2006 on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) as well as other European legislation or voluntary industry commitments. The content of the Toolbox is based on the REACH Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA) of the substances. In addition, the Toolbox also includes recommendations based on experience of ECSA members that go beyond the given legal framework of the CSA under REACH.

See the ECSA Product&Application Toolbox page.


Raw material, energy & production aspects will be coordinated with upstream organizations

Revision: 02/2018