Water Framework Directive

The Water Framework Directive (WFD, Directive 2000/60/EC) requires the establishment of a regularly updated list of priority substances and a procedure for the identification of priority substances/priority hazardous substances as well as the adoption of the specific measures against pollution from these substances. The WFD has to be implemented into national legisltation by national authorities. 

The Priority substances Quality Standards was adopted in December 2008.  The Directive establishes environmental quality standards (EQS) for 33 priority substances (DCM & CFM are listed) likely to be found in rivers, lakes and coastal waters. Of these priority substances 11 have been identified as priority hazardous substances (no chlorinated solvents listed) which will be subject to cessation or phasing out of discharges, emissions and losses within an appropriate timetable that shall not exceed 20 years. 

By 2018 the Commission shall verify that emissions, discharges and losses are making progress towards compliance with the reduction or cessation objectives laid down in WFD.

ECSA will continue to contribute to a science-based and workable implementation of the WFD.

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Revision: 02/2018