PER in Dry-cleaning (including national issues)

PER in dry-cleaning

The ECSA Information Sheet for dry-cleaners has been updated to reflect the current legislation on dry-cleaning machines and to answer questions from the public which have been addressed to dry-cleaning associations.

Is PER banned anywhere?

PER is itself not banned. Some of its applications are restricted. In France no new PER machines are allowed in residential and commercial areas.

France passed an specific national regulation (arrĂȘtĂ© 2345), that entered into force from 1st March 2013, that intends to progressively phase out machines using solvents including PER in residential areas.

Denmark implemented measures, which are often mentioned as a ban on PER, while it rather implements strict measures for all solvents used in dry- cleaning. According to the Danish Dry-Cleaning Association, two-thirds of the Danish dry-cleaners use PER.

The ECSA Information Sheet for Dry-Cleaners provides more details about this recent development in France. The document is also available in French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and Portugese.
As partner in a EU Leonardo Da Vinci project, ECSA has developed web based training tools for professional dry-cleaning shops with information about legislation and detailed guidance on safe handling with on-line examination and certification possibilities. Follow the link to the E-DryClean project.