TRI Charter

A voluntary Industry Commitment

ECSA and  the producers of Trichloroethylene have worked proactively with the EU authorities to develop a voluntary industry-wide commitment - the "TRI CHARTER".

TRI CharterTRI Charter

The charter is deemed to ensure adequate control of risks identified in the EU Risk Assessment related to the use of trichloroethylene in surface cleaning by use of closed systems also for installations not covered by the IED directive 2010/75/EU (installations consuming less than one metric ton of Trichloroethylene annually). 

The initiative is complementary to the implementation of the IED directive and has the support of the European Commission and the European Member States.
The charter - signed by all European Trichloroethylene producers - requests that latest by end 2010, trichloroethylene will only be supplied for metal cleaning or degreasing if the user has an enclosed cleaning system and has confirmed that trichloroethylene will only and exclusively be used in enclosed cleaning equipment. 

The charter will help ensure best possible Product Stewardship along the supply chain and by this ensure producers' preparedness for REACH. Additionally, it places users in the position to demonstrate proper risk control, a key factor in the authorization process of REACH to which trichloroethylene is subject.

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Last update : 06/2014